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Degrees of Change

Ufolo is a social enterprise determined to bring beauty back to Luanda, Angola’s capital city. Cara Regier, Elizabeth Queta, and Laura Wittka met as undergrads and competed in the Hult Prize with their business idea. The team works to implement a clean tech waste management system—all the while engaging entrepreneurial youth to join the sustainable revolution.

Ufolo | Co-founders | Bachelor of Business Administration, Class of 2019, 2020 | Angola, Dubai, London | 

HULT: There are multiple urgent environmental issues at play in 2019 – why tackle waste?

UFOLO: Waste pollution connects several global issues. Single-use products, in particular, have huge impact on our biodiversity (marine, air, and land), on climate change, our health, and economies. In Angola, the most prominent causes of death are caused by stagnant water in waste-blocked sewage systems. Both suppliers and consumers need to see and understand the ugly reality of their choices.

H: What is your hope for our planet in years to come?

成年版快手网址U: According to the U.N. we have 12 years left before climate change becomes irreversible. Forbes tells us 18 months. Whichever the case, these numbers should be shocking to everyone. We hope that social enterprise becomes common practice; for normality in weathers; for improved urban health standards; and so much more to restore the earth’s balance.

H:How important is the youth in solving the earth’s problems?

成年版快手网址U: Extremely! Just look at Greta Thunberg. We are the catalysts of change. To build a world that we want to live in, we have to be the ones creating it.

H: How has mentorship helped build your business?

U: Every mentor and program that has worked with us at Ufolo has brought unique knowledge and ideas to our startup. It has helped us to share a global and modern brand that represents our core values without compromise. Mentorship has helped us to understand our focus, and gain insights from those with hands-on experience in the field.


Reading list: Ufolo’s top picks

Development as Freedom, Amartya Sen The Little Book of Going Green, Harriet Dyer 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, Yuval Noah Harari The Mom Test, Rob Fitzpatrick

  • : “This book inspired our name, Ufolo, our company, and core values.”
  • : “Perfect for quick insights on pollution and how to prevent it.”
  • : “An overview of everything happening in the world right now.”
  • : “Helps to identify how you can make your big idea work.”
  • : “Fresh takes on global problems and how they are being solved.”
  • : “Of course!”

Ufolo are the mentees of another Hult alum: masters graduate turned environmental consultant, JC Seghers. Read more about JC on the blog, or find both sets of superstar alumni in .