About Hult International Business School

成年版快手网址Hult is a new kind of non-profit business school that constantly innovates to meet the needs of students, employers, and society in a world that is changing faster than ever before. More than a business school, Hult is a dynamic and multicultural community that educates, inspires, and connects some of the most forward-thinking business talent from around the world.

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A new kind of business school

成年版快手网址Our mission

成年版快手网址We strive to be the most relevant business school in the world.

By using our global reach and always being creative, entrepreneurial, and on the cutting edge, our aim is to have a positive impact on individuals and organizations by transforming their management practices. In so doing, we hope to be the business school of choice for existing and aspiring leaders. We will contribute to sustainable growth, helping leaders to integrate commercial success and societal well-being.

Go beyond business

At Hult, we believe a business school should give you so much more than a degree. Our students graduate with a global network in place, the practical skills to make an impact from day one, a future mindset needed to thrive in a time of change, and lifelong learning opportunities so that they can stay on the cutting edge long past graduation.

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Graduate into a global network

Build an international network by collaborating with students from around the world. Our students represent more than 160 nationalities and speak over 100 languages—you never know where your next contact, investor, or business venture will come from.

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In demand with leading companies

成年版快手网址Employers hire Hult graduates for their entrepreneurial attitude, curiosity, and international outlook. We specialize in helping international students find international jobs. Last year, Hult graduates from our graduate programs accepted job offers at 825 companies in over 60 countries.

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The future is lifelong learning

Change never stops, so your business learning shouldn’t either. We empower you to be able to stay up-to-date with emerging trends by taking a complementary elective each year for the rest of your life.

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Put theory into practice

At Hult, we believe you learn best by doing. As an integral part of your studies, you’ll have multiple opportunities to apply your knowledge and skills by working in teams to solve real-world problems.

Hult Prize

Hult Prize

The world’s largest social impact prize

At Hult, we believe that business has the power and the responsibility to change lives for the better. The is a worldwide student competition that challenges university teams to solve the most pressing global issues with viable business ideas.

成年版快手网址The Hult Prize is run in partnership with the United Nations. Finalists pitch to an esteemed panel of judges made up of global business leaders, thought leaders, and change makers. The team with the business idea that has the potential to make the biggest impact receives $1M USD and support to make their idea a reality.

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Accreditations and rankings

成年版快手网址Hult is recognized by business education’s three most prestigious international accrediting bodies: The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International), Association of MBAs (AMBA), and EQUIS (The European Quality Improvement System). We are the first and only business school in the U.S. to achieve this triple accreditation, which is held by just one percent of business schools worldwide.



成年版快手网址Our school’s history is woven of two stories, one beginning in 1964 in Boston Massachusetts, the other in 1959 in a place just outside of London. In 2015, Hult International Business School and Ashridge Business School operationally merged to form one of the world’s most unique business schools.

成年版快手网址Hult history

成年版快手网址Ashridge history


Our strength lies in translating groundbreaking thinking into the practices that underpin our programs, to help organizations perform at the highest level and stay ahead of the game.

Our research falls into two themes, which reflect our existing research progress and also harness the school’s differentiating advantage as a uniquely international institution, with students and faculty hailing from and teaching in different parts of the globe as a single community.

Creating Disruption highlights the strategies that anticipate, shape, and react to changes in international markets. What local or global events, technology, or scenarios enable or trigger a new strategy? How are strategies constructed, communicated, and implemented? How well do specific strategies perform, especially in multinational environments? How can strategies that are successful in one market be leveraged in another market that might be half way around the globe?

Transforming Behavior成年版快手网址 relates to the continuous improvement of organizational and personal leadership practices. This involves rigorous data-driven assessment of the interventions and programs that generate the greatest long-term improvement in the behavior of individuals, teams, and organizations in business settings globally.

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Authored publications

Studying Business Notes | Hult

Inspiring Leadership: becoming a Dynamic and Engaging leader

By Kerrie Fleming & Roger delves

成年版快手网址Risky Strategy: Understanding Risk to Improve Strategic Decisions

By Jamie MacAlister

The Art of Content Marketing: Building an Agile and Sustainable Brand Story

By Alex Reeve

成年版快手网址How to Thrive and Survive as a Working Woman

成年版快手网址By Fiona Elsa Dent & Viki Holton


Hult's leadership team

成年版快手网址Like our faculty, our leadership team brings a wealth of experience from both academia and industry.

成年版快手网址Board of Directors

Dr. Christopher Ahlberg*

成年版快手网址Founder & CEO, Recorded Future Inc

Nicholas Barber, CBE

Retired. Former Chairman, Oxford University’s Ashmolean Museum

Dr. Craig Burns

成年版快手网址Clinical Psychologist

Dr. David Collis

成年版快手网址Professor, Harvard Business School

成年版快手网址Dr. Stephen Hodges

President, Hult International Business School

Philip Hult*

Co-Chairman, EF Education First

Dr. Christopher Jedrey

Partner, McDermott Will & Emery LLP

成年版快手网址Asa Blendow

CFO EF Education First

Rebecca Quintavalle

成年版快手网址Education Consultant

成年版快手网址Dr. Kristine Beata Schmid

Senior Vice President, EF International Language Schools

成年版快手网址James L. Sintros

Chairman, Nexus Frontier Technology

*成年版快手网址Dr. Christopher Ahlberg is Chair of the Hult Board of Trustees, Philip Hult is Chair of the Ashridge Representative Body.

Thought, academic, and campus leadership

President: Dr. Stephen Hodges (stephen.hodges@hult.edu)

Chief Academic Officer: Dr. Johan Roos (johan.roos@hult.edu)

Chief Innovation Officer: Dr. Mukul Kumar (mukul.kumar@hult.edu)

Dean of Central Academics: Dr. Ian Dougal (ian.dougal@hult.edu)

Dean of Faculty: Dr. Mona Dhillon (mona.dhillon@hult.edu)


Legal structure

Hult International Business School Inc and the Ashridge (Bonar Law Memorial) Trust are separate legal entities that have merged operations under the common brand “Hult International Business School”.

成年版快手网址Hult International Business School Inc is a non-profit organized in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Ashridge (Bonar Law Memorial) Trust is a United Kingdom registered charity.

成年版快手网址All U.S. degrees are awarded by Hult International Business School and accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). All U.K. degrees are awarded by the Ashridge (Bonar Law Memorial) Trust known as ‘Ashridge’.