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成年版快手网址Our world class faculty are practitioners first, academics second. They're professionals who educate, not lecturers who lecture. These former CEOs, innovators, doctors, HR heads and CFOs are behind some of the most pioneering leadership research in the world. Here, we share their insights and opinions with you

Insights & Research

Research Publications

成年版快手网址Our research focuses on investigating the issues that affect leaders and organizations today, as well as anticipating preparation necessary for the future. We work closely with our clients, partners, and students to conduct innovative research that informs and improves the practice of management and teaching globally.

By grounding our research in the everyday practices of leaders, we ensure that our research has relevance and value for both current and future organizations and leaders.

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Lessons leaders can learn from those living through change

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Ego, Eco and Intuitive Leadership

A new logic for disruptive times

Paper boats floating

Learning to Lead in the 21st Century

What do you wish you had known 10 years ago, that you know now?

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成年版快手网址Speaking Truth to Power at Work

How we silence ourselves and others

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The Future of HR

成年版快手网址How to survive and thrive in the new world of work

woman doing hushing signal

Being Silenced and Silencing Others

Does status get in the way of leaders hearing the real issues?

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The Mindful Leader

Is mindfulness really the latest solution for the modern world?

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The Wake Up Call

成年版快手网址Sleep loss and the true impact on workplace performance and leadership

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成年版快手网址The Bright and Dark Side of Leadership

成年版快手网址Machiavellian traits and their impact?

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成年版快手网址Developing Leaders in a Digital World

成年版快手网址Can the learning gained face to face be replicated virtually?

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On Course to Inclusion

Changing attitudes towards disability, from the waves to the workplace

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Mind Matters

成年版快手网址Why growth mindset is key to organizational success

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成年版快手网址Shades of Grey

Things are not black and white in the engagement in work teams

Interviews with our Faculty

Amy Bradley

A more ‘human’ workplace everyone loves

Sharon Olivier

Leadership in a new world of work

Megan Reitz

成年版快手网址Megan Reitz on Speaking Truth to Power

Erik de Haan

成年版快手网址Critical moments in Coaching

Vicki Culpin

Well-being and the productivity impact

Insights & Thought Leadership

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How to manage imposter syndrome?

chess pieces

The verity of creating a feedback and coaching culture

Team engagement: which zone are you in?

Team engagement: which zone are you in?

compassion makes teams stronger

Compassion makes teams stronger

coaching for leaders in a group

成年版快手网址Coaching Leaders - food for life

Elegant coaching session

The problem with coaching

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成年版快手网址Are you an Eco, Ego & Intuitive leader?

sharon olivier

成年版快手网址Old leadership styles just won‘t work anymore

Megan Reitz

The keen resilient coachee: how coaching attitude leads to success - Erik De Haan

Megan Reitz

Megan Reitz explores 5 ways to develop a speak-up company

Man taking direction on stairs

Failure as motivation: How to allow leaders to fail and learn

women presenting

Empowering women in the workplace: If not now, when?

Open hands mid conversation

成年版快手网址8 ways to foster new leaders in your company

Open hands mid conversation

成年版快手网址BBC World News - Speaking up at work

Hand up

成年版快手网址Overcoming whistleblowing nerves: Why employees avoid speaking out


Sharing is caring: Why closer teams build better businesses

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Know thyself – where do teams go once they understand their culture?

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The importance of mental health and trust at work


Eco, Ego - What’s your blend of leadership?


成年版快手网址Time to rethink leadership


Seen Differently


Tales from a Transformational Leader

Figure in front of pink pattern

成年版快手网址Three Steps to Develop Future-proof Leaders

warning sign on a gate

成年版快手网址Global Management Mindset – Uncertainty is the new norm

abstract man climbing a ladder

成年版快手网址The Six Ages of Change

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Beginners Mindset

Toy man climbing ladder

Blended Learning: the answer to learning & development prayers?

Woman catching a ball

成年版快手网址How experiential learning gives you lessons you'll never forget

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5 essential skills needed for leadership in a VUCA world

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成年版快手网址How to become an emotionally intelligent leader

chess pieces

What does good leadership really look like?

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